PC software and firmware for analyzer enhance measurement function

LE-PC300G (PC Link Software) NEW
LE-PC300G enhances the link between the analyzer and your PC

OP-FW10 (CC-LINK firmware)
Firmware for speeding up HDLC measurement to 10 Mbps for CC-link, etc

LE-PC7GX (PC Link Software)
Displays CAN/LIN data on the PC
Displays data on the PC screen measured by OP-SB7F/OP-SB7FX.
Searches data and converts files into text format.

LE-PC100 (Print Data Import Software)
LE-PC100 can download the printing data from the analyzer to your PC via serial (AUX port)

[ The conformity table between products ]
Optional software/firmware LINEEYE protocol analyzers
LE-2200 LE-1200 Old models
PC link software LE-PC300G Yes Yes Yes  
High-speed HDLC firmware OP-FW10 Yes      
PC Link Software LE-PC7GX Yes*2 Yes*2    
Print date import software LE-PC100       Yes*1
*1: Corresponds to models LE-3100 / LE-2100 / LE-1100 / LE-7000
*2: Requires OP-SB7F / OP-SB7FX