The PC Link Software for CAN/LIN Data “LE-PC7GX”

[Applicable Analyzer] LE-3500/ LE-2500/ LE-7200/ LE-3200/ LE-2200

*: Need to have the optional expansion kit, OP-SB7GX/ OP-SB7FX/ OP-SB7F


This PC link software “LE-PC7GX” captures CAN/LIN data into PC measured by the CAN/ LIN optional expansion kit for LE-2500/LE-3500. It also has other functions, such as displaying the specific data at real time (watch data function), maximum 16GB recording function, search function, and text conversion function.

USB connection to the PC
Key emulation for easy operation
Remote monitor function for continuous recording
Displaying the specific data (watch data function)
Data analysis function

USB Connection to the PC

LE-2500/LE-3500 has a USB port to connect to a PC. It also supports the serial (RS-232C) connection, and LAN connection using the LAN-Serial converter (SI-60/ SI-60F).

*1: USB cable is not included. To have the USB connection, you need to have a USB cable. To have the Serial connection, you can use the AUX cable "LE2-8V" which comes with the analyzer.
*2: The PC needs to have the interface for reading the external memory.

Key emulation

Display the screen image and keys of analyzer on the PC. It is possible to change the analyzer settings from the PC.

Key emulation

Remote Monitor function for continuous recording

Capture CAN/LIN data into the PC at real time from the analyzer and record in the hardware of PC at maximum 16GB. (8M byte x 2000)

Displaying the Specific Data (Watch Data function)

Display the specific ID frame at real time. It only displays the latest data without stopping the measurement.Watch Data Display Settings

Watch Data Display Settings

Watch Data Display

Data Analysis Functions

It is possible to search not only data but also timestamp and frame of which trigger is generated. It also has the text/CSV conversion function.

Data Monitored Display

Search Settings

Text Conversion Settings


Applicable Analyzer LE-3500/LE-2500 with optional expansion kit, OP-SB7GX
LE-7200/LE-3200/LE-2200 with optional expansion kit, OP-SB7F/OP-SB7FX
Connection port USB, Serial(RS-232C), LAN (LAN-Serial converter, SI-60F)
Key Emulation Display the screen image and keys of analyzer on the PC. Save the screen image in bitmap.
Communication Conditions It is possible to set the analyzer conditions. (communication conditions, triggers, simulation data)
Remote Monitor Function*4 Start/stop the measurement. Display the measured data on the PC. Record data (Can be specified up to 2,000 files in the unit of 1/2/4/8M byte.)
Data Display*3 Time stamp (difference of time stamp), CAN/LIN frame display (SynchBreak*1, SynchField*1, ID, TYPE, DLC, DATA0-7, Checksum*1, STATUS), External signal level*2, Trigger
Watch Data Display Display the specific ID frame (max.16 kinds) at real time.
Search Display matched data or count data
Conditions Trigger: Trigger matching frame
Error: Break, Sync, Parity, Checksum, Framing
Data: Specified ID (don't care(*) can be set) Character string (up to 8 character, don’ t care (*), bit mask can be set)
Time stamp: specific time stamp (don't care(*) can be set)
External level:
Text Conversion Convert measured file into text or CSV format.
Memory Card It is possible to read the measured file in the memory card
Environment PC PC/ATconversion(DOS/V), HDD: 3MB+free space for saving the measurement data. 
OS Windows® XP/Vista/7/8
Composition CD(Software), Instruction manual, Warranty
*1: Display only LIN frame.
*2: Display in digital/analog by using OP-SB7GX. Display only in digital by using OP-SB7FX.
*3: Cannot display at real time.
*4: The communication speed which analyzer can monitor data without any data loss at remote monitor function is different . Refer to the following table.
When monitoring CAN standard data frame (8byte) with 1ms interval continuously.
USB connection Max. 1Mbps
Serial port direct
Max. 17.86Kbps Even the speed of the target device is 1Mbps, it can measure data without any data loss, if it communicates data with 10ms interval.
Via SI-60
Max. 40Kbps