Expansion Kits Broaden the Range of Use

OP-SB5F [Expansion Kit for TTL, I2C]
Expansion board with probe pod for monitoring I 2C and clock-synchronized TTL level communications. Ideal for onboard probing connections for monitoring communications between LSIs.

[ Discontinued ]
OP-SB6F [Expansion Kit for IrDA, ASK]
Expansion board with probe pod for monitoring IrDA (SIR, MIR, FIR) and ASK infrared communications. Supports automatic setting of data rate according to protocol.

[ Discontinued ]
OP-SB7F [Expansion Kit for CAN]
Includes expansion board and firmware for CAN communications widely used in automotive and factory automation fields.

OP-SB7FX [Expansion Kit for CAN, LIN]
Includes expansion board and firmware for CAN and LIN communications mainly used for in-vehicle network.

[ The conformity table between products ]
Optional accessories LINEEYE protocol analyzers
LE-7200 LE-3200
LE-1200 Old models
Expansion kits For TTL, I2C OP-SB5F Yes Yes Yes*1  
For IrDA OP-SB6F Yes Yes    
For CAN OP-SB7F Yes Yes    
For CAN,LIN OP-SB7FX Yes Yes    
(For OP-1C) SB-20L Yes Yes Yes  
Adapter for Current loop OP-1C Yes*2 Yes*2 Yes*2 Yes
Adapter for RS-422/485 OP-2B       Yes
Probe Pod for TTL signal OP-5C       Yes
Probe Pod for TTL signal OP-SB5C       Yes*3
Memory Card 8GB CF card MC-8GCF Yes      
2GB CF card MC-2GCF Yes Yes Yes  
Monitor Cables For RS232C (DB9) LE-259M1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
For V.35 LE-25M34 Yes Yes    
For X.20/21 LE-25Y15 Yes Yes    
For RS449 LE-25Y37 Yes Yes    
For RS530 LE-25S530 Yes Yes Yes  
Converter USB to RS232C LE-US232B Yes Yes Yes Yes
LAN to RS232C SI-60 Yes*4 Yes*4 Yes*4  
AUX Cable (Mini-DIN8 to DB25) LE2-8C Yes*5 Yes*5 Yes*5  
Terminal Block For RS530 (DB25) LE-25TB Yes Yes Yes  
Battery Pack NiHM type LE-19S Yes Yes Yes  
NiCd type LE-18S       Yes
*1: I2C is not available.
*2: Requires dedicated expansion board (SB-20L).
*3: Only for LE-7000.
*4: Requires LE2-8C(option).
*5: Requires when using SI-60.