PC-connectable protocol analyzer / Data logger


●2-way operation of PC-connected protocol analyzer / logger
●2-channel measurement by combination of CAN and LIN
●pass / cut filter and powerful trigger function makes the analysis more efficient
●Robust design to withstand use in harsh field environments

LE-270A is a Communication Data Logger, which records CAN/LIN communication logs in the SD/SDHC card for long hours. Using with a PC, it performs as a CAN/LIN protocol analyzer, and monitors data on the PC at real time (Line Monitor). Using without a PC, it performs as the CAN/LIN data logger, and saves data in the SD/SDHC card. It has two High-speed CAN transceivers, two Low-speed CAN transceivers and two LIN (TJA1020) transceivers. It monitors two channels of CAN or LIN, or one CAN and one LIN transceivers. In addition, four channels of Analog/Digital signals can be recorded.
Power failure protection, water-proofing and low power consumption widens the usage of analyzer such as in the automation factories and other production factories.

Item Name Remark
LE-270GR/AR/A catalog LE-270GR_AR_A_catalog.pdf  
Manual LE-270A_E10.pdf
LE-270A software trial version LE-270A
Update firmware LE-270A After downloading, follow instructions of attached documents.
USB driver lewusbd  
Software for Transferring Firmware LE8FIRM It is used when updating the firmware of analyzer.
LE-270 series library
LEPCLIB_270 Library to make a customer application software to control the analyzer from a PC