CAN/LIN Line monitor


●Supports CAN and LIN
●4.3 inch color touch screen
●Real-time display of communication data
●Supports USB flash as strage device
●Handheld, 5 hours work by AA size Ni-MH batter

Item Name Remarks
USB charger LE-P1USB Used to provide bus-power to the line monitor or to charge Ni-MH batteries.
DSUB9 pin branch cable LE-009M2 For CAN. * Same as the attached one
10 pin external I/O cable LE-10ES1 10-pin cable for LIN measurement / external signal port. * Same as the attached one
5-wire TTL prove LE-5LS The cable with IC clip can be connected with the TTL and external signal I/O port.
OBD2-DSUB9 cable OBD2-DB9-09 The cable to be connected with OBD2 connector of a car to monitor the CAN communication
Carrrying bag LEB-02 230x180x65mm * Same as the attached one