<Repair Service Instructions>


  1. Request of Repair
    • LINEEYE repairs the products if the model is within 5 years from the last sales date. LINEEYE will repair the model if we could get the production parts even after 5 years. If we cannot get the production parts, we cannot repair the products even within 5 years from the last sales date.
    • Please fill in the “Repair Request Form” and ship the products to LINEEYE distributor or LINEEYE.
    • Please check the degradation of battery/ AC adaptor, and configuration/ polarity of the products. Also, try to do the software-reset to go back to the default settings.
  2. Basic Examination & Quotation
    • We will make a basic examination of the product at first.
    • The cost of examination is 12,000 yen and is not refundable even you cancel repairing after the quotation.
    • After the basic examination, we will send the quotation of repairs.
    • All shipping charges/ handling charge for bank transfer & custom, VAT are at your own expense.
  3. Repair
    • We will start repairing after you accept the quotation.
  4. Payment
    • In the case of knowing who a dealer is, please ask them directly.
    • In the case of dealing with LINEEYE, we accept bank transfer or postal money in advance.
    • It will be cancelled if we cannot confirm your payment in a week after you accept the quotation.
  5. Return
    • We will return the products to you after confirming the receipt of your payment
Repair Request Form.doc (31KB)
repair charge table



Calibraion Request Form.doc (39KB)

LINEEYE recommends calibrating the products every 1-2 year.