Dedicated model for Asynchronous (ASYNC) test

LE-150P is a PC-connectable communication protocol analyzer dedicated to asynchronous communication. It consists of compact and lightweight measurement part, and Windows® software to display measured data on the PC, and also incorporates Monitoring, Simulation and BERT functions required for development of communication instruments and analysis of communication failures.
LE-150P USB connection type
  1. Arbitrary speed settings up to 250 kbps
  2. Sequential trigger
  3. Time measurement at resolution of 1 millisecond
  4. Continuously records measured data on HDD of the PC
  5. Incorporates simple simulation function that makes it possible to register test data that inserts error data, and to transmit and receive that test data with one click.
  6. Possible to connect multiple analyzers to the same PC, and measure data of multiple lines at once.

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