LE-PC300R (PC Link Software)

Supported OS: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10
Supported models: LE-3500R/LE-2500R/LE-1500R

Note: You cannot use LE-PC300R with OP-SB7GX


LE-PC300R is a Windows® software with which you can control the protocol analyzer remotely from a PC and utilize the measurement data of the analyzer on the PC.

  • LE-3500R/LE-2500R can be connected via Wi-Fi.
  • Multiple analyzers can be controlled at the same time.
  • Easy operation of key emulation
  • Communication log can be continuously saved up to 16Gbyte by the remote monitor function.
  • Large screen and various kinds of display
  • Collective conversion into Text format/CSV format
  • Automatic switching of Japanese/English
  • No limitation for product edition (The light edition of LE-PC300R attached to the LE-3500R/LE-2500R package has some limitations.)

LE-3500R/LE-2500R can be connected via Wi-Fi.

In addition to the USB connection, AUX connection, and Ethernet connection via converter which are supported by LE-PC300G, Wi-Fi connection with the analyzers which support Wi-Fi connection is supported.

Wi-Fi connection is available via an access point or by direct connection.

Wi-Fi connection setting

Multiple analyzers can be controlled at the same time.

Remote control for multiple analyzers is supported. It also supports display of measurement data in the memory card and data conversion.

[ In addition to the real-time data transfer, copying by external memories is also available. ]


*1SI-60 is a converter of Ethernet and serial communiation which LE-PC300R supports.
In the remote setting of LE-PC300R, indicate the IP address of SI-60 and specify the target analyzer.
*2 Optional AUX cable of DSUB 25pins (LE2-8C). Set the DTE-DCE switch of SI-60 to DTE.

Key emulation function

It emulates the analyzer on your PC. It offers remote control just like you are controlling the analyzer directly.

Remote monitor function

The remote monitor function captures the log data from operating analyzer and records it on its hard disk or SSD, and at the same time it displays the data on the PC's screen. Depending on the purpose of use and the capacity of the storage, you can specify the size of each log file by "Block size" and the maximum number of log files by "Maximum block count". When you want to stop the logging automatically at the specified capacity you can use fixed buffer mode, and when you want to log the data continuously keeping its latest log data you can use the ring buffer mode.

Synchronizes the configuration with the analyzer

The configuration and the analyzer setting set on the PC software can be synchronized with that of the analyzer in remotely connected.

Communication setting
Record setting
Simulation setting

Large screen and various kinds of display

Raw data display, Protocol translation display, Logic analyzer wave display are available and switchable.

Raw data display
HDLC translation display
Logic analyzer display mode
BERT mode

CSV conversion example of BERT

Collective conversion of measured data into Text format/CSV format
You can collectively convert the measured data which is taken by remote monitoring or stored in the memory card attached to the analyzer into text file or CSV file.
You can convert the data in the memory card attached to the analyzer into a text file or CSV file.
Text conversion setting display

Automatic switching of Japanese/English

Language automatically switches depending on the language of Windows® OS (Japanese or English). This facilitates introduction of the software to development bases outside Japan.



Supported analyzers LE-3500R, LE-2500R, LE-1500R, LE-110SA, LE-120SA,
LE-3500, LE-2500, LE-1500 *1
Connection with analyzer Connection by Serial, USB (full speed), Ethernet (SI-60 is needed), or Wi-Fi
How much analyzers Can be connect with multiple analyzers (PC capability determines how much can be connected.)
Key emulation function It emulates the display of the analyzer on PC and you can control as if you are controlling it directly.
Measurement function Measurement condition (such as communication condition, trigger, and simulation data) can be input and edited on PC.
Remote monitor function Start and stop of measurement, display of measured data on PC, and continuous recording *2
Recording mode Fixed buffer mode (stops measurement at specified volume) or Ring buffer mode (continue recording leaving latest data not overwritten) can be selected.
Recording capacity Max.256Gbyte, 1/2/4/8/16/32/64/128Mbyte size file unit*3, up to 2048 files can be specified
Display mode Raw data display, Protocol translation display, Logic analyzer waveform display are available and switchable.
Raw data display Display of communication data with idle time, time stamp, and line status.
Character code (10 types) and character type (small, medium, and big) are switchable.
Protocol translation display Translation display of SDLC, X.25, and LAPD protocols (Target protocol will be expanded.)
Logic analyzer waveform display Zoom in and out of waveform display, time measurement between the cursors,, sorting of signals.
Display area Window size (arbitrary) is changeable.
Character code ASCII, EBCDIC, JIS7, JIS8, Baudot, Transcode, IPARS, EBCD, EBCDIK, HEX, HEX (HEX with error code)
Search function Cueing or count of the data which corresponds with the search condition
Search condition Specified character line (Max.8 characters, Don’t care and bit mask are available), Idle time more than the specified value, Specified time stamp (Don’t care is available), Error (Parity, Framing, BCC, Brake/Abort, Individual designation of  Short frame is available), Data corresponds with the trigger
Text/CSV convert function Collective conversion of indicated number of log files into text format or CSV format is available.
Bitmap conversion function The display of the analyzer by key emulation can be saved as bit map file.
Memory card It can read the log file which is captured by the analyzer in the memory card.
System requirements PC PC/AT compatible
CPU: Pentium3 1GHz or more
RAM: 256Mbyte or more is recommended
HDD: 5Mbyte + space for logging data
OS Windows® 7/8/8.1/10
Accessories CD-ROM, Manual, User registration card
*1:It does not support OP-SB7GX
*2:The Communication speed with which you can register measured data without any loss depend on the connection condition of PC and the analyzer. Please see the following chart for your reference.
  No frame interval 1m sec. frame interval
USB 670kbps 1.9Mbps
Wi-Fi 200kbps 460.8kbps
Serial 20kbps 20kbps
*3: 16/32/64/128 MB data file size are supported from Ver 1.02.