Specifications (USB Protocol Analyzer LE-610FS-E)
Standard USB 2.0/1.1(*1)
Connector USB standard A,B Receptacle
PC connection
USB Receptacle
It connects to the USB port of PC which installed attached analysis software.(*2)
Speed FULL(12Mbps) / LOW (1.5Mbps) Automatic identification, Automatic switch
Log size LE-610FS-E unit: 16Mbyte
PC: MAX. 10Gbyte
Data logging It records on the LE-610FS-E capture memory and the PC hard disk.(*3)
LED display Power (Power supply): 1, Rdy/Over (Ready/Overflow): 1, (Measured target data): 1, Full-Low (USB speed): 1 each, Suspend (Suspended state): 1, Reset (Reset state): 1
Display packet SOF, IN, OUT, SETUP, DATA0, DATA1, ACK, NAK, STALL, PRE, Unknown
Error check CRC error
Time Stamp Function
(Elapsed time recording display)
Resolution 16.7nsec. for Max. 5 hours
Time stamp in the off setting: Time unit for USB (micro) frame 125usec./1msec
Color display Customize SOF, IN, OUT, SETUP, DATA0, DATA1, ACK, NAK, STALL, PRE, Unknown, SetupDetail
Translation display Can display the following in detail: Standard request,
HUB/HID/Audio/specific device requests for Communication class and Printer class and USBTMC class, standard descriptor, HUB/HID/Audio/Communication/specific command for Mass storage(SCSI Command Parents Set, ATAPI SFF-8070i)/Operation for MTP/PTP, responses, events.*4
Filter function
Real time filter: Record or not record NAK, specific address, and specific end point.
Display filter: Display or hide SOF, NAK, SETUP, specific address, specific end point.
Condition: Particular address/end points, packet types (TOKEN and HAND SHAKE packets in combination), errors (bit stuffing, CRC, and PID errors), data packets (8 bytes max, hexadecimal/decimal/binary input or character train input, with or without bit mask specification), and external trigger (edge or level specification possible).
Action: Possible to specify 16 actions enabled with log start, log stop, and external trigger output (with or without levels or pulses specified) in combination with conditions.
External: 1-point external trigger input and 1-point external trigger output
Connector: 3-pin male (HIROSE ELECTRIC's DF1E-3P-2.5DS or equivalent one)
Electrical specifications: LVTTL
Search function SOF, SETUP, IN, OUT, ACK, NAK, STALL, ERR, Longer non-communication period than specified time, Error (CRCPID/DATA/ Error toggle sequence/ Transaction structure) MassStorage (SCSI, ATAPI, SFF-8070i), PTP/MTP, Audio, Communication, HID, HUB, Printer, Video, USBTMC class command, unkown log information, specified address/end-point, standard request.
Statistical information function Display by totaling the number of transactions, transfer bytes, and the average transfer rate within measured data.
Can use the data results with the spreadsheet applications.
Mark/Jump Puts marks on specific transaction up to 99 while receiving log data and jumps to the marked point immediately.
Save Log data, Text format, comma separated value format (CSV), Copy / paste via a clip board, can add a comment to the saved data.
Power supply Bus power (Current consumption: 400 mA max.)
Ambient temperature Operating: 5 to +40 degree Celsius, Storage: -10 to +50 degree Celsius
Humidity 10 to 90% (no condensation)
Dimensions/weight 130 (W) x 145 (D) x 38 (H) mm, approx. 300 g
(*1) The analyzer does not support the measurement and display satisfying USB 2.0 high-speed transfer specifications.
(*2) USB2.0 port supporting high-speed transfer is recommended. In case of slower USB port, data may not be recorded continuously on the hard disk of PC. In such a case, only the data recorded on the built-in capture memory will be guaranteed.
(*3) Although the USB signal waveform cannot be logged, the following USB device states are logged: reset, suspend and disconnect.
(*4) LINEEYE plans to have more classes in later versions.
OS LE-610FS Japanese Windows® XP/Vista(32bit/64bit)/7(32bit/64bit)
LE-610FS-E English/Japanese Windows® XP/Vista(32bit/64bit)/7(32bit/64bit)
PC PC/AT-compatible machine with USB ports
CPU Pentium 500MHz or faster (Pentium processor at 2 GHz or faster is recommended.)
Memory Min. 256Mbytes
USB port

USB 2.0 port supporting high-speed transfer is recommended.
Use the Microsft EHCI driver as the host controller driver for the USB 2.0 port. When using the USB 2.0 port for an expansion board, such as a PCIboard.make sure that the board is operated by the Microsoft EHCI driver.

Hard disk

Required free bytes: 7.5MB for installing the analysis software + area for recording communications log.

Display 1024 x 768 oh better resolution recommended.