Windows® 7/8 Compatibility

Product name model Windows® 7
Windows® 8
Multi Protcol Analyzer LE-8200A/
Yes Yes USB driver
LE-3500 Yes Yes USB driver
LE-2500 Yes Yes USB driver
PC Link Software for
Multi Protocol Analyzer
LE-PC800G Yes Yes  
LE-PC300G Yes Yes  
LE-PC300F No No  
LE-PC300 No No  
PC Buffering Software LE-PC200 32bit No  
Print Data Capturing Software LE-PC100 32bit No  
PC Link Software for
CAN/LIN Communications
LE-PC87 Yes Yes  
LE-PC7GX Yes Yes  
LE-PC7FX No No  
PC-connectable Protocol Analyzer LE-200PS Yes Yes USB driver
LE-150PS Yes Yes USB driver
CAN/LIN Data Logger LE-270A Yes Yes USB driver
LAN Analyzer LE-580FX Yes Yes USB driver
USB Analyzer LE-650H2 Yes Yes  
LE-650H2-A Yes Yes  
LE-620HS Yes No Support on Ver3.2.0.0 or above
LE-610FS Yes No Support on Ver3.2.0.0 or above
Interface Converter SI-35USB Yes Yes USB driver
SI-55USB Yes Yes USB driver
SI-60 Yes Yes Configuration tool and
COM port emulator,
Set-up tool.
SI-65 Yes Yes
SI-60F Yes Yes
Serial / USB Conversion Cable LE-US232B Yes Yes* USB driver for Windows7
LE-US232BS Yes Yes* USB driver for Windows7

Empty boxes stands for the models which are not tested by LINEEYE.


* The driver is automatically installed if using Windows8.