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Can I use the LE-150PS or LE-200PS in logger mode with the power supply by a portable battery charger?
You can run the analyzer in logger mode by supplying power from a portable battery charger to it through the USB port of the analyzer. However, the gInstant Power Failure Prevention circuith does not work with the power supply from the USB port (while it is available with the power supply from AC adapter jack). Thus please note this and stop the measurement before it runs out the battery using RUN/STOP function of the analyzer etc.

Test image

The analyzer and the portable battery charger are connected by attached mini USB cable.

The result of usage test of a portable battery charger
Analyzer: LE-200PS
Test condition: Logger mode (1MB file, 500 units, endless), attached SDHC card is used.
It recorded the continuous data communication of 115.2Kbps until the battery run out.
Portable battery charger Panasonic
Output Voltage DC5V DC5V DC5V
Total output 5800mAh (3.7V) 2420mAh (3.7V) 2600mAh (3.7V)
Power switch*1 Yes Yes No
How long the analyzer worked About 24 hrs About 10.5 hrs About 13 hrs
Measured log files 500 files*2 500 files*2 500 files*2
*1: To start to supply power by portable battery chargers with the power switch, you need push the switch and it stops supplying power when there is no load. Thus you cannot use the analyzer in automatic RUN/STOP function (with which the analyzer turn off the power after stopping the measurement.) to monitor the specific time range of a day with these kinds of battery.
*2: The analyzer registered the log files correctly until 499th file, however, the 500th file was recorded incorrectly and cannot read by PC because it was recorded when the power supply run out.